Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel (DS)

Well I’m going to go old kinds of old school on you with this one. Many people remember the beloved work of Rumiko Takahashi…. Ranma 1/2! Just kidding! Sadly enough to my knowledge there was no game for Ranma 1/2 but Inuyasha has had a few among them would be Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel. You start off as an ansty young lady named Janis that is sick and tired of moving around, losing friend, blah blah the eternal ‘teenage drama/rebellion’ You end up going to Japan and making a new friend straight off! Miss Kagami Higurashi who is impressed with your knowledge of Japanese language and some understanding of your struggle. She is happy to call you friend until you see Inuyasha with his little blue ballcap coming upto and putting his foot in his mouth. You get to see the sit boy! or osawari in action first hand prior to Kagome dragging him out. So let’s not drag on and bring on the stats!

Graphics: The graphics are a bit rough as if someone put minimal effort into the sprites that you use to walk about the map which improve when you get into battle. The portraits for conversations are fine but I am a little disappointed in the graphics overall but I keep reminding myself its a DS game released way back in 2007. So the battle graphics are entertaining and you can at least distinguish most of the things from the series. Which helps a bit for me when playing this game.

Storyline/Character Development: You are a young girl who finds out your past self married a god and need to tell your past live’s ex to take his present back. Seems easy enough right? The storyline is a bit vague about what you need to do so you kind of piece it together trying to figure out what you have to do. Most of the development takes place with the casts relationships with your character. Which I expected because they already have bonds established. The storyline is more about bringing in what you expect from the series and mixing it up with the dilemma the game gives you to deal with.

Learning Curve:  I’m replaying this game right now and after forgetting a little bit of where to go I turned to the internet. I found a few lack luster walkthroughs started in 2007 (one incomplete as ‘still playing’) and the most helpful maps I could find were HAND DRAWN on Deviant Art.It in a way saddens me but I digress. I’m contemplating writing up my own walkthrough as I play. I’ll have to update it as I go but it shouldn’t be too bad if I actually remember where the game sends me or dealing with the lack of guide posts given. The game itself is easy its just you don’t really know where to go so its like you’re fumbling in the dark. Infact I just remembered to get to the fight with Naraku you have to talk to Jinenji’s mother after you deal with the Demon Lord and Princess of Masuko Village.

Battlesystem/Weapons: You land in the feudal era and are given two clay dolls to help you fight until you meet up with Inuyasha and his crew. They don’t take a ton of damage and you’ll be fine as long as you don’t make them abandon you. After you find them you’re allowed to sit in the back with Kagome and Shippo using only Kamui Attacks/Skills. After Mt Habaki you switch from mage to Spear mage and sit out front with Inuyasha and and the other front runners. Sorry Kialala well play with your yarn sometime after the battle and Shippo save us some chipped potatoes! At this point you have a well built team and can take on anything really. Grinding is sort of forced upon you in this game because of the vague guideposts and the demons just seem to pop up around every 5 steps unless you buy a charm from ye olde demon in a giant shell. So don’t worry it may take you a while to get to Naraku but rest assured by the time you find him you’ll definitely be ready.

After all that I can’t write off this Inuyasha as a great game but its not a horrible one. I personally find it entertaining due to bringing up all the nostalgic things that make Inuyasha well… Inuyasha. From the Kagome v Kikyo cat fight, Miroku asking you to bear his child as soon as you see him, people freaking out at the sight of modern clothing, even Rin makes an appearance which is adorable. I would say I prefer Inuyasha Feudal Fairytale for the Playstation or even Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask. So this attempt at the handheld while admirable with a decent storyline is not the best attempt at an Inuyasha game. They put more effort into making it familiar with words and behavior but came up short on graphics and making the game less of wandering a desert for water. So if you do get this game remember talk to everyone in sight! Still contemplating on the walk through myself but let me know via comment or whatever if that should be a thing. Happy gaming! Hatter out!

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