Criminal Girls Invite Only (Vita)

Have you ever wanted a small elite force composed of pretty girls and gorgeous women?…That is not what you get when you start this game. Criminal Girls Invite Only starts in a prison that delinquent girls are sent to after death and you try to help them get through their struggles and fighting hordes of monsters in HELL! You are known as their ‘Program Instructor’ now let’s talk about everything you need to know to take care of these seven ladies shall we?

Storyline/Character Development: You are the program instructor and a general of sorts. To get these girls on the right path you need to motivate them! Put them to their paces in battle and on a one on one basis! Now before we go any further I picked up this game honestly because it looked cute…. Kind of like Akiba’s trip. So moving on. You start off motivating one girl by using a riding crop on her you eventually do this to all the girls among many other methods of ‘motivation’ you unlock throughout the game. When I figured out that whipping, electrocuting, tickling and dripping oil on these girls was ‘motivation’ I honestly couldn’t stop blushing…. As the game progresses the girls learn a lot about themselves and each other they learn how to rely on one another, how to right the wrongs they committed and how to make themselves better. They even stop hating you! So all in a day’s work for an unpaid prison guard that thinks he’s going to be working in a zoo! Throughout the game you have the opportunity to complete missions to gain the girl’s trust and bond with them by granting their requests. They are usually accompanied by piece of story and again learning more about the girls.

Learning Curve/Battle System/Weapons: As mentioned previously you must motivate these girls to get them to fight and learn new abilities. In this process you utilize the PS Vitas dual touch screen system. Pink denotes the actions to front screen and blue denote the actions for the rear touch screen. This part was obviously heavily blush worthy for me. This is an easy enough concept however the battle system is very unique. Upon getting into battle each round of fighting you choose one of four options (along with the ability to switch out party members, escape, and use items). Each girl in your active party has a battle plan they come up with and present to you. Each battle plan comes with a quote that tells you about what they want to do, who will be involved (highlighted), and or what is the MP cost of what they want to do if any. It honestly makes the battle a little more fun than anticipated because you don’t just replay whatever you did last round. It teaches you about the girls, their specialties/weapons and even their personalities. My only regret is that Alice and Yuko are the only two magic users and are very different from each other. Although I guess its to deal with more than just a few types of girls. Either way its a fun way to go about the different levels of hell telling your generals how to fight. Its easy to even think of a favorite set of girls you like to use. I’ll admit my favorite set is Alice, Kisaragi, Tomoe, and Yuko occasionally switching in Ran as a heavy defender.

Graphics: The graphics…. *Blush* What… can I say about the graphics….? The game uses an anime style, chibis, and sprites throughout the game. All highly detailed. It gives the crisp appearance expected from the PS Vita save when you’re walking about  the dungeons. You sprites look oddly…displaced in a way but still manage to look like they fit their environment. The fight screen graphics are adorable even with the girls with ample breast mass being a bit overly stressed which is prominent throughout the game. Some of the mini missions even relate to the topic of the breast discomfort of ‘gifted’ Tomoe.

The long and the short of it is if you are looking for a game that revolves around character development then this is a good game for you. Its also a good game if you like cosplay and …. ‘motivating’ the girls. I found it from the Nex oddly enough and just figured why not? Of course at first I couldn’t help blushing and I couldn’t believe that this game was going exactly the way I saw it. After I got over my freak out I had fun with the game. Being a leader to my girls and trudging through the struggles that brought them together, made them strong, and in a way make them a family. I give it a grand applause for the innovation involved with the battle system and a storyline that persevered even with the perviness of it. If you can handle all that (or even if you can’t) I do recommend this game! Hatter Out!

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