The World Ends With You Part Two

I got out of work and the first thing I did was lock up and grab my 3DS XL. On my off time aside from sleeping and posting I have been working on beating The World Ends With You. For the gaming notes there are some things that I didn’t include in the previous part so I’ll go ahead and remedy that now.

This game is very good for people that want to see more of their stylus in fact one would be a sitting duck in this game without one. I’ve tried using my fingers a couple of times just to see my reaction time and how it turned out. Honestly? That lasted all of one set of four noise reductions. After finally beating the game it allows you to go through the chapters as you wish and choose who you want your partner to be. I’m a little curious about it myself …… but after I take a break from that particular game for at least three weeks. (If no one gets that…I’ll be surprised and really sad). That said the chapters if you go through them individually have different objectives aside from the obvious regarding the ‘Reaper’s Game’. So hopefully after beating the game you’ll be as intrigued if not more so than me.

Now as for another reason I’m writing. This game hits me in the feels in a big way. If you don’t read into me getting mushy about my life I advise scrolling past this bottom most section. If you do end up reading it I’m sure I won’t mind reading feedback of any kind. Don’t need it but I’ve always been a good listener or so I’m told.

No I’m not some angsty teenager. I’m a wife, a daughter, a friend. Hell I’m writing a blog. So apparently in some way I like to communicate on some level. I live in a place (in life) where I just….sometimes can’t stand people. People look at me like there’s something wrong with me. I don’t act like most people or think the way they do. I’m sad that a lot of the populous have morphed into sheep. Everyone likes the same thing does the same thing and for me to be like that. May as well be the end of me. When people judge me I just stop. Stop what? Talking. Attempting to reason with whoever it is. At that point, it just feels like a waste. Sometimes I reach my low points where I just want to tear everything apart but I know it won’t change anything. I’ll still be that odd person that blocks out the world. A “Headphones” if you will. I still survive somehow a week at a time. Killing off normal “noise” everyday.  Some noise sounds like people saying they wonder what is ‘wrong’ with me. The answer contrary to popular belief is nothing. I’m glad I’m not like everyone else sure I share view points on certain things and whatever but… just so I can say it… I’m glad that… I am who I am, I don’t need to be anyone else and here I’m hoping some day more people will feel that way. People are so full of fear of being different. You support religion or don’t you’re a terrible person, you’re a gay you’re going to hell, or the worst thing I’ve seen is people claiming to be bi like its going out of style. This may get me in a little trouble but first before someone goes off on me let me explain. I’m sure there are plenty of people gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, etc… I have the pleasure of having a diverse group of friends and some family members. Although kids picking up being bi or being confused comes from not talking about things and in some ways not talking. Don’t condemn free thinking but don’t mock others either by pretending to be what you’re not because its ‘cool’. Its an easy way to lose sight of yourself…..Flaunt you’re own ‘Brand’ if you will! Now I’m done being a sap Hatter out and happy gaming!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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