Wolf Among Us (Vita)

I want to start off with I’m a girl that loves Law and Order SVU. I don’t know if its the fact that kids are saved, justice done, or my own past but I just love it. In a way this game tugs at that part of me even with only one child shown. Bigby Wolf is a very strong character the world makes out to be the bad guy but this story shows a side that probably a lot of people didn’t think of. Now let’s get to the break down.

Storyline/Graphics: The storyline is the game which runs like the most successful fusion of Law and Order and fairy tales given life. I liken it to a noire style with dashes of color. Game play goes through choices that you make and some of the achievements revolve around the choices you make drawing you back to replay chapters just to see what others you can unlock.

Character Development: Bigby shows the face to the world that you give him. I myself gave him the stern but fair man sort of set up which is what he does usually anyways. However its not easy on the guy when you have a reputation for eating little girls.I find myself  He was just an animal that was hungry and honestly men have killed for less… You decide everything whether you kill someone, let them live, and world is your toy box that way. If you’re connected to the internet while playing you can see if other people chose to do what you did in the various situations set forth by the game.

Learning Curve/Gameplay/Battle System:  I’m lumping these all together because this game doesn’t necessarily break them apart in a way that a conversation can go south very fast you can find yourself needing to go rabid just as quickly (you don’t go full wolf til later in the game). The game throws you right into the fray straight off when you’re called in for a disturbance . You already know style dictates how the game runs but let’s admit it running around as a Big Bad and Handsomely Rough (and yes I just said that) means some fights just can’t be avoided. In you first fight that you get into  the handling is a bit strange due to just being thrown into it and having to follow commands more than throwing a punch. Aside from the game telling you that your choices are important you don’t get a tutorial. The fight scenes are reminiscent of Beyond Two Souls for the PS3 (I’m not sure what came first but its a good comparison). I like both games however any day of the week I would play Wolf Among Us over Beyond Two Souls. I

Replayability: This game leaves a lot of questions unanswered after only playing it once. Mostly they start with the words “What would have happened if…?” This brings in most of the reasons someone would want to play it again maybe the person likes achievements, maybe they regret not sending away the annoyance taking residence in Bigby’s apartment. There are a ton of things you can do and the game is cut into episodes so you don’t have to go all the way to the beginning just to get to a certain part.

To wrap it all up Wolf Among Us is a great game but the fighting style plays a little awkwardly on the Vita. This is easy to remedy as you play through the game like I said, you run around as this big handsome beast you’re bound to get in a few fights. So if you love a good story pick up this game or if you love this game pick up the BOOKS! Yes I said books, there is a comic that goes with this series known as Fables. It features many of the characters you loved growing up in ways you’ve never seen before. Yes I know Once Upon A Time is doing that but this has its own flare to it and won’t disappoint. I myself like tearing apart Disney Movies after reading how they were meant to be told or were originally written so reading the books and playing the games honestly made my day. You can also get it for other systems like the PS3 and now I’m off to go play some more and happy gaming!!

Hatter Out!

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