Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed (PS Vita)

Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed… I played this on the Vita but it is also available for the PS3.First off I would like to say I’ve never seen a game like it… No I mean I really have not and let me tell you why. You start as a young man looking for a job and all of a sudden you find yourself being experimented on in a basement! I know I know it sounds like a common theme but bear with me. A cute yet stoic looking girl comes to your rescue but what she tells you about how to defeat your enemies is what makes this game so strange. She tells you that you and everyone your fighting are similar to vampires and will expire if too much of your skin is exposed to the sun. So how do you defeat these creatures like you? You strip them. Yes you read that correctly you strip them. Now that you’re either curious, confused, aroused, etc… Let’s get to the review!

Storyline/Character Development: The game revolves around stopping a corrupt pharmaceutical company changing people into what you’ve been turned into. You don’t see a ton of character development since it is more about others’ reactions to choices you make. You can find out more about the characters but nothing really changes but the circumstances

Graphics : The graphics for this game are crisp and sharp looking resolution which is always very good on the vita especially for a handheld system. The characters being full sized characters versus sprites adds the depth the game needs for the details especially when one is fending off others like yourself!

Battle System/Weapons: Everything you wear has a different armor value but usually the more upscale the item you are wearing is the harder it is to remove however any and all equipment can be upgraded or fused in game to make your favorite items stronger. This also goes for your weapons. What are your weapons? ANYTHING you can get your hands on! You’ll walk around town noticing people with random items on their backs anything from a poster to a keyboard even computer monitors! Sky is the limit! Also small footnote if you end up suffering a game over and lose one of your favorite items there is a store near where you first (tutorial) fight occurs where you can buy back those dropped weapons and clothing! The only thing to really remember is to focus your attacks on the areas you want to remove something from like if someone is wearing a hat make sure to focus on that area.

Learning Curve: This game has a very simple and easy to follow tutorial that is not too drawn out or nit picky. The battle system is well tuned to the point where one sees the relationship/effects of the items chosen as weapons in regards to the attacks and speed for each weapon.

Replayability: Honestly with the side missions and being able to do a new game plus opens up so you can do missions you didn’t do the first time around. Also the tournament mode is very fun honing your skills against various groups. Also for those completionists or those that like the idea of getting better acquainted with your female fighting counterparts (that you can dress later to improve their ‘armor rating’). For the cosplay enthusiasts yes you can put animal ears on your girls and even find the girl maid outfits to prance about in.

It’s a very fun game perversion aside or included. I found the side missions funny and the fact that you could get in a fight with nearly anyone is intriguing…except the police that take you away and charge you. Anyways the long and the short of it is its a good game sure if you hand it to a kid the parents might have to explain why you’re stripping people but honestly enough of the save the children act when we know that not telling them things just means they will find out on their own anyways. Like Mama Hatter always said “I’d rather that I tell you than to someone else show you.”

Laterish GaMeRzZ!

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