Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven (3DS)

Lord Of Magna is a very cute new game. My husband asked me what I wanted for a random present and this game was on my list. Though I’m sad to say it is one I beat very quickly so let’s get to the breakdown!

Storyline/Character Development: It all starts with your character in his quiet little Inn where no one ever goes. So he grabs crystals to make ends meet. During one of his runs something is different he finds a girl and instantly has baby duck syndrome! Suddenly he’s confused why he’s being called ‘Master’ by this lovely girl. There are seven girls in all and at least one more clings to you and calls you Master! I facepalmed so hard someone nearby asked if I was okay. The saving grace was each girl knew a little more than the last about their history and the fact that they need you to survive! The story is of course like everything in this game ‘cute’ and somewhat heartwarming when all the girls work together to keep up the Inn which looks like they lived there forever because all the rooms were set up to suit the girls already. Minor detail? Maybe but everything is almost to the point of being sickeningly adorable. Granted I am a girl and I do love cute things… but I don’t feel like I should need to get checked for diabetes when I’m done with a game session.

Graphics: The graphics and presentation are very cute with chibi sprites and during conversations using an anime image for each of the characters along with some cut scenes. It airs on the side of lolita a bit along with featuring several different kinds of girls but yeah..moving on.

Battle System/Weapons: The battle system is an interesting but somewhat iffy set up. The characters moves all vary in AOE (Area of Effect) due to weapons along with strengths and weaknesses. Early on you realize you don’t have a lot of room to maneuver or a very wide range so especially for the tighter battle situation that is common in this game you have to rely on the glitches or the weird tendencies of the game. For example let’s say I wanted to hit an extra row of minions just beyond the reach of one of my warriors if there is a small space between enemies infront of you even if you can’t stand there without holding the D-pad you can hold down the D-pad while executing the attack to perform the move hitting the intended target. At the very beginning you start with Charlotte AKA ‘Lottie’ who is for all intensive purposes your powerhouse and of course your own player character. Sorry I have to admit is the absolute worst in the game.Sorry. He has the smallest range of any playable character and you are forced to use him 99% of the time. In the beginning he’s purely support and a healer with some possibility of getting better later. This is great right? Sorry again. He only increases his range and attack power through high cost and not so long lasting buffs. Granted each girl has unique abilities that bring a lot to the table but you always have your main character there sitting in the back. However I saw a few good things too the game creators were innovative with the idea of enemies draining their own life to create minions to level out the game. I also very much liked the array of abilities available which I used to amp up everyone even the light weight ‘Master’. The animations for each move were just like the whole game. Cute.

Learning Curve: The game is very easy to learn aside from the earlier mention of relying on the glitches and loopholes in the game it is a very straight  forward system. Aside from the rating of Teen I would feel comfortable handing it to an older person not well versed in video games to be able to pick it up easy. (Cuz face it if I said give it to a child we know that kids get through anything tech faster than many adults).

Re-playability/Playtime: I beat this game in exactly 21 hours and 54 minutes (Honestly it would have taken less time but I wanted to do some grinding because some of the battles were monotonous) and right now its sitting in one of my cases. Do I think I’ll ever replay it even if it does carry over some stuff? Honestly? Not a chance. During the game you unlock some of the different stories with each girl building upon your relationships with them. While completing those aside from the experience gained during the missions I did not notice any effects from getting close to them. You do have the option to carry over however heres something to keep in mind you are only allowed to keep the stats for ONLY TWO characters. Everyone else goes back to ground zero. By the way remember all those items and techniques you bought during the game? Congratulations! You get to keep FIVE! Everything else goes right into the ether! Thank you have a nice day!

All in all if you are looking for a cutesy game that features a super powered harem? Be my guest just be sure but my honest opinion? It’s not worth the buy unless you need the sugar excess. The girls though lovable just can’t carry the weight on their own when everything supporting them doesn’t help…. and That’s the wrap up I’d like to thank my husband for getting the game I’m just sorry it was not that awesome and love you so much! Comments are definitely welcome!

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