Spider Scars

Alright this is a story I wrote a while ago for a DnD character. A drow by the name of Aeron Ouroboros and I hope you like it!

Spider Scars

This is the story of a lost man… I am a drow that lives in peace with my tribe in the side of a great mountain. I’ll admit our peace was one earned in blood but those orcs had it coming. Rival clans had barged onto our land seeking to dominate us only to see their leaders slain at my hands, one after another. My name is Aeron Ouroboros… and this is my story.

The moon shone through the window against the blackness that was her skin Akaya was the loveliest creature ever to exist among the drow…and she was mine. My beloved’s hair the white of the moon as its light emanated from her eyes highlighting the purest shade of amethyst, while her lips looked as if she kissed charcoal, and white stars that danced across the curves of her shoulders. Akaya always asked when I would mark myself… during those conversations her hands made my skin tingle around my hips a place she said would be perfect for a spider’s web. One of two spots she saw as worthy places to receive markings.

Though on this morning she merely groaned against awakening when I caressed her face as I urged her gently “Darling, we must get up.” She wrapped her legs around my waist not too eager to let me go “but you’re so warm Aeron…” I gently arose without prying her from my body and smiled as her chin readjusted to sit on my shoulder as I lifted her with me. I opened the door quietly and walked to the pond in the backyard I had made for her and without warning I jumped in with her still attached to me.

Akaya pushed herself from me as sputtered water and curses in my name… She was so adorable when she was angry like a baby bear having a fit of sorts because it had not become a formidable threat as of yet. I swam to the edge of the pond and sat there looking at her just like the bear she too would become a fearsome threat. I thought of the rings on our nightstand and what would happen in only two days’ time… Yes, Akaya would be my wife. This beautiful creature glaring at me with those purple eyes so like a storm promising more than anything I was prepared for while she preceded the pond’s edge the cold water made her clothing stick to her body. She was instantly poised like some beast about to take me down…. The thing about my love was that she never took kindly to being awoken. When she was at my side I put on the half smile she loved “Good Night my love.” Her eyes bored into mine “you shall regret this… DARLING.” All that promise of things more than anything I could handle … Everything I thought I could handle. At this time all I could see was a life with her by my side.

As she brought herself from the water stomping toward the cave in a huff. I couldn’t help bursting into laughter as she slammed the door almost slipping into the again upon entry. That night would be the night I would help her pack. She would be staying with her cousin until it was time to carry her back home as my bride. We cleaned up easily enough only her growling had only just begun. I sighed because I saw her as adorable even in anger and inevitable wrath…I did not want her to leave her upset with me so I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her neck from behind, she merely huffed hands still busy with the tasks of tidying up her bag… I stayed there until she hissed for to let her go. “Fine then I’ll let go.” I said with sighing words however my hands stayed at her neck only a second longer pulling away leaving something to fall around her neck. I took a few steps back to admire my handiwork.

She raised her hands to her neck as if she was searching for a newfound noose but found only a thin cord with an amethyst shaped like the spider webs she wanted to grace my hips and shoulders. Akaya went to a mirror and gasped at the gem around her neck “Aeron…its…” I turned her to face me “for the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen…” She kissed me deep as if starving and was about to do more… had I not stopped her. By the Earth’s roots the things she would have done had I not stopped her with a gentle hand halting hers positioned over my belt and whispered “we’ve only to wait of two days’ time Akaya.” She pouted at me in that way only that little drow temptress could, the kind that would steal a man’s sense …. Had he not been tried by it again and again.

I kissed her forehead “two days… Your family wanted to keep you from me for a fort night.” At that her eyes widened “Don’t you dare…” she said taking three wide steps backward as if afraid I would wait more than just those two days to give her my name. There was no possibility that I do that… but she didn’t know that. Not until I smirked at her and closed her bag and said “I made breakfast so hurry up or they truly will make us wait!” She made light steps to the table as if she were meant to have been some fairy with translucent wings that pranced on flowers though her temperament was that of a nymph; easy to laughter and smiles but beware of anger… A lesson I learned long ago and remembered each time I rubbed the back of my head where she had thrown a boulder that had knocked me flat in a fit of rage. When the healer looked at it he said it was shaped like a sliver moon. After breakfast her cousin Kina knocked on the door. Since Akaya had no sisters or brothers her cousin came to take her to her mother’s home.

For those two days neither of us were allowed leave either home save only a few circumstances… Food would be brought to us and we would not be allowed to see each other. We could have visitors but I spent the time sleeping, dreaming, and utterly bored. The time apart was to make us value one another more and think of what we truly felt for each other and on some occasions the last chance to call off the wedding. Some men found they liked their freedom and left their houses to tell their women how they felt. Some cried, some just nodded and went back into theirs mother’s homes to find solace. On one or two occasions I had seen two very head strong women leave their mother’s homes to their bride groom’s homes simply requesting their things leaving the newly single man dumbstruck. Nothing like that happened to us though… Not by a long shot.

The night of our wedding arrived we waited for the elder under the biggest tree just outside the village. She stood there with her amethyst necklace and a black dress that showcased her legs, hugged her hips, and a halter top with a black spider web veil to match. Her hair was braided and laid with care over her left shoulder hanging just past her stomach. She looked as if she was wrapped in darkness and her eyes held the stars and purple moons. Akaya, this I always remembered was her most beautiful and radiant moment as we both had said ‘I do.’

After the ceremony it was custom for the bride and groom to have separate parties before he carried her to their home. So I sat with the men around the fire as they shouted praise at me we drank ale and told stories. The women sat around a bonfire with children drinking sweet wine and eating candy. It was also custom for the new bride to share the candy with the women and children. A tribal tradition of sharing sweets what was common for the sweetest moments such as births, anniversaries, and of course weddings. As we ate meat there was no man happier than I that night, no man that had drank deeper, or shouted louder.

However, when the festivities were at their peak… One of the older boys had run from where the women were screaming for help. I took to my heels as fast as the wind with a cold sobering feeling in my chest that turned to dread when I found what the young boy was screaming about. The women and children were still… quiet and laying on the ground. The fire had burned out, pieces of candy scattered across the ground, and wine spilled but no blood. Not a single I picked up a bottle of wine and a bowl of candy and took it to the pigs. I separated two from the rest and fed one the candy and the other the wine… The wine was made in our village and the pig that drank it lived, the pig that ate the candy… was burned after it had died. Poison stole my bride from me and tore our tribe apart. After the departed were dressed in the purest white silk they too were burned. I kept Akaya’s necklace and marked myself with the spider webs my beloved would not get the chance to see. Many of my fellow tribesmen had left us so very few of us remained. Those of us behind just waited… we needed something… a sign, hope, anything…

I smelled like the bottom of a barrel… fought with shadows and waking nightmares. When I finally slept I dreamed… For the first time in a month since Akaya’s death… I heard her voice. We were lying in bed and I was on my back while she lay on her side next to me in the dress she died in… I tried to sit up, to hold her but my body refused to budge. She smiled at me in a way that felt something like sorrow and pity, “Aeron, my love there is stubble on your chin and rust on your blade.” She caressed my cheek. I swore could feel her fingers along with a tinge of some empty joy. I frowned at the realization “What reason is there to be dashing? You are gone. Why should my blade matter? I have nothing to defend, nothing to care for, we are few and shall soon fade. I will join you soon.” Her eyes widened before she raised her hand and slapped me.

Damn it all I could feel the lines of her hands, the warmth of my face as it stung from the pain as she admonished me “You fool! You stupid fool! It is too soon for you to join me!” Tears ran down Akaya’s face and for the first time I could raise my hand and wiped them away “Too soon? You do not miss me?” She held my hand against her face “Of course I do you idiot, but you have much to do… Our tribe is weak, they need you. You need to make our people thrive again.” She took a deep breath “You need to…make more of us.” My eyes must have filled with panic because worry instantly filled hers. I found my body could move now and I made a scramble to sit up on the bed to pull her into my arms “Akaya… you mean lay with another? I can’t do that… I pledged my heart and life to you and you would tell me this?” She looked up at me “I know I sound strange… but I can give you no children from the grave and you need to live again and after you have made our clan strong… Find one with the strength to hold you, keep you, and love you.”

My heart stopped in that moment and I couldn’t speak… All I could do was shake my head until the word ‘no’ left my mouth again and again in disbelief. I couldn’t even look at her until she turned me to face her “I know it hurts… but please do this …for me? If not for yourself, please Aeron.” The pleading in her voice, the feeling in my throat I couldn’t quite explain, and the heaviness on my heart kept pulling me to a dark place but instead I just nodded. She kissed me then and I felt the lone tear that rolled down her cheek. She whispered “thank you.” And disappeared beneath my fingers becoming something like dust or smoke and disappearing just as quickly…

The next morning I gathered those of us left and half of us would seek to expand the tribe while the rest would rebuild the village and take care of matters. No matter what each man and young was doing… We had a lot to do and every detail was important from raising the boys that survived into warriors and making new ones. We had to live, survive, and I would not stop… until our people thrived once again… I am Aeron Ouroboros and I am not lost any longer.

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