The World Ends With You (DS) Part 1

As I have not beaten The World Ends With You as of yet I’m going to start with this post and after beating it decide if there is further input required for a second post. It’s a game I picked up a while ago due to its deep and somehow foreboding title.

Graphics:  The graphics are pretty good considering its only a DS game achieving a good depth with the shadowing and the movements of the characters while interacting with the UG realm. They are not too over the top although when beating certain bosses hopefully you have your brightness down. I was sort of blinded for two to three seconds because after beating the Game Master of the first week (I’ll admit I was playing in a semi dark room) it flashed me.

Battle System/Weapons: The battle system revolves around pins versus weapons and working in sync with your partner on the upper screen. You can level them up and find different styles that suit what you like to do. You can also buy different fashions versus buying armor from different vendors throughout the game and food to amp up your attributes. The pins have an additional detail to take into account when used in different areas the brands of pins you use change the trends of the places you fight in which in turn strengthens the impact of said favored brand. This they do explain in the series.

Learning Curve: The tutorial is very thorough but not overbearing where you have to do some mandated task just to get further other than the missions required to survive the games. It’s a fun game to get into and the characters help you with figuring out the missions and making sure you know where to go, so it actually helps to listen to what they have to say. Even Mr. Hakenoma!

Re-playability/Playtime: These I think are very important aspects of gaming. It’s a game that does not seem to take a ton of time to get through. However its a game that’s hard to get tired of when you have so many combos. Also your pins tend to level up from time spent actually with the game turned off. Going with the game’s theme about the importance of life puts an emphasis on turning off your system.

Storyline/Character Development: The storyline is easy to relate to with main character Neku,a young man that’s just tired of people in general. Throughout the game maturing into a person willing to sacrifice so much for others while uncovering the reasons behind his own “predicament”. What predicament you ask? To quote the Doctor’s wife River Song “Spoilers.” Though honestly its probably easy to figure out.

The long and the short of it is its a classic game and a worthy investment if you like a fighting game with many different variations of fighting techniques and loveable characters that make you laugh. They even make an appearance in the 3DS title Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (3DS).

Also I am thinking of adding to these posts relevant online game guides more to what items you can get from where or what enemies. So comments or if this helped you in anyway let me know! Also side note as of 07MAR16  I did eventually beat this game a good while ago still love the ever living hell out of it!

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  1. I really enjoyed this game and its funky soundtrack. I played the iPad version, which was surprisingly good. The bigger screen helps for a touch focused game and I didn’t have to worry about controlling two characters in that version (as you only have one screen.)


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