Long Time No See I know -.-‘

Hello my dears Glamour here and I just wanted to send you guys an update since I’ve been gone for ….. what feels like forever. I have been trying to get back into putting more content but everything keeps getting crazy every five seconds (figuratively not literally). I’ve still been playing games but its more […]

Chaika The Coffin Princess (anime)

In the shadows of a stormy night a girl mourns the loss of a man she only knew as father… While we mourn the loss of a proper vocabulary… The girl’s name is Chaika Trabant and her mission is to gather the remains of her father the Former Emperor of the Gaz Empire who was […]

Momo Kyun Sword (anime)

Hello my dears! This anime I’m running with takes it roots from a piece of old Japanese folklore about a young boy born from a peach that was raised by a couple that wanted a child but could not bear one. When he grew up he befriended a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant and […]

Scrapped Princess (anime)

Hello my darlings you’ve got Glamour and I’ve got something interesting for you! You know all those cute shows where a child is born and there are great expectations for its future! This is one of those however it has one big difference from the get go….Everyone in this story save a select few think […]

Hina Logic From Luck and Logic (anime)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and today I’m going through another combat school anime. They are coming out of the woodwork like pregnancy announcements after prom. Anyways moving on! This particular anime is about a princess by the name of Yelistratova Liones known as Lion for short. She runs off from home because it […]

Fox Spirit Matchmaker (anime/tapas)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and today I’m running through reincarnated love!! And no I’m not talking about Inuyasha…. Love them but that is a can of shouting back and forth at knuckleheads is not what I want to deal with today. Anyways we start with  the Tosan clan  the sexy little fox demons […]

Gungrave (anime)

Hello my dears! Glamour here and watching this anime I’ve been feeling like I’ve been taking shots all day… No seriously I’m about to die from a heavy case of lead poisoning with this anime. Why guns? Well because it is all about dealing with the mafia! A young girl named is on the run […]

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I’m running Fire Emblem this week and I can not put this shit down!!! Unless I have to go to work or sleep…. then I cry myself to sleep…. Just kidding anyways. I love Fire Emblem and this one does not disappoint however it does try your patience a […]